The Tabletop Christmas Tree – My New Love

So if some of yall may have read my post about how the real Christmas tree will always be my true love. Unfortunately, living in an apartment, having pets, not having a good car to carry a nice big real tree in; have all led to me somewhat leaning towards the tabletop Christmas tree. Does this mean I don’t still love the smell of fresh pine in my house and decorating all the different branches – of course not! I plan on going back to a real tree as soon as I have the chance.

In the past my father had started using an artificial tree because it was easier to set up and take down everywhere without worrying about how long you might leave the tree up AFTER Christmas before it completely died. Granted this same thing can be applied to people who like to set up their trees really early (hopefully it is at least after Thanksgiving) but if your family has made it a tradition to start decorating for the holidays as soon as possible then I bet you have also noticed it can sometimes be hard to keep real trees alive for an extended period of time. Though there is a good chance your green thumb is better than mine.

Tabletop Christmas trees can be used as your sole tree, as a temporary tree, or as an early decoration until the time is best for you to bring up a real tree or set up the traditional artificial tree. Not to mention it is great way to start bringing in some early holiday cheer without having to go through a whole effort in finding a space and decorating before the whole family can participate.

Whether you get a small prelit artificial tree, a ceramic tree, or an optic fiber lit up tree; you can place it anywhere around your home to bring a smile to your face every time you see it. Personally I also find them a great option for the work setting. In the hospital we don’t have a good place to set up a full size tree or even a small couple feet high tree , not to mention real trees can cause allergy problems for some individual. This makes the small trees a great option because they can be set on tables, in windowsills, or in offices.

I use them at home now because I happen to have three cats. This makes any large tree dangerous because well the cats (while graceful) are extremely talented at knocking anything and everything over. The first tabletop tree we got was made out of glittered wire and one of my boys just loved trying to bite it and pull it off the table. Unfortunately, this means we can’t use any glittered trees either! Who would have thought that my pets would dictate my decorating so much at this stage in my life.

So the new plan is to try out a ceramic tree this year actually. Mainly because it does not have branches or anything easy for teeth/claws to grasp onto assuming they are able to reach the spot where it will be put on display. There are some high counter tops that it can be sat on but there is always a chance. So cross your fingers the newest tree doesn’t make it on the ground.

For anyone also interested in the tabletop trees keep in mind the different materials, sizes, and other options available so that you can find the one that best suites your lifestyle and minimizes the chances of your trees demise.

What kind of tree do you use normally every year? Do you put up one or multiple trees everywhere? Please leave your thoughts below 🙂


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