The Christmas Angel – My Ultimate Tree Topper

Christmas Angel Ultimate Tree TopperNo matter how old I get, in my mind the Christmas angel will always belong at the top of the Christmas tree. In my house I don’t ever recall ever doing any extra decorating besides went on and around the tree so it was a huge focus. When you fit all of Christmas on to one item it has to be fantastic. No matter how many lights and decorations are hung on the branches, the tree just looks so bare without something sitting at the very top.

I know there are people who do not use a tree topper at all (how is that possible?!) but I am not one of those people. Every year my parents pulled down the holiday boxes that contained all of our decorations and in a separate special plastic container was the star of the tree. And as you can guess, it was not a star. It was a beautiful white garbed angel holding a candle who got the throne on the very top of the tree.

That angel was older than I was but was always in the best condition. After the lights, tinsel, and decorations covered the tree, my brother and I would watch my dad put it up on top of tree as the final finishing touch. I was never allowed to put it on, though I am sure this is because it wouldn’t be safe for me to climb up a Christmas tree to try and balance something at the tip. The great thing about the angel is that I believe they look great upon any tree no matter what the decorating theme is for that year. She always has such a radiance to her that just brings a quiet radiance to the room she is watching over.

White Angel Christmas Tree Topper

Taken By Krissy

Now even though I will always be the number fan of the Christmas angel, my current topper is a little star because it fits well with the small artificial tree that I have used the last few years in my home. I am used to an angel topper being quite large and as such I really believe she deserves to be on a massive tree that can really show off her beauty. When I have children and begin getting a full sized tree again, the first thing I plan to do is to go out and buy a traditional angel topper that can be part of my kid’s Christmas traditions.

Do you have a tree topper preference? What is it?

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