The Battle With Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are by far one of the most popular ways to decorate for the holidays. As soon as you start seeing lights pop up in windows, on houses, and in stores, you know that the Christmas season is soon under way. While my family never decorated the outside of our house, we did always put lights up on the tree as well as around the top of the living room. There is one thing I remember every year that we had to do first before putting anything up and that was getting the lights ready!

This is where the war begins. The first battle consists of finding all of the lights that were packed away the year before because without fail they are never in the box you could have sworn you packed them in. Unfortunately by the time you track those all down, you realize that they started wrestling in the box and are all tangled up.

Though untangling lights as a kid was quite an adventure. I loved my helping my dad with this part. He was always very meticulous with finding a free end and slowly working it through all the knots and tangles that were plaguing the Christmas light strand. There are plenty of tips out there on how to keep lights from getting tangled in the first place but since Google wasn’t around apparently we weren’t using the right method.

The next fight you have to take on is taking the time to figure out what lights are working and which ones need replacing. More than likely you have plugged in your lights one year just to realize that there are a few pesky ones that are no longer sparkling bright with their neighbors. I am no expert on changing out light bulbs but I know the process is pretty straightforward. It is just a pain to have to go through the hassle in the first place.

Honestly depending on how many lights a person is putting up it might just save time and frustration to buy new lights ever year! Though I suppose that could quickly add up over time but it is a great excuse to try out new things like solar powered lights. Personally, my plan is to buy a new strand every year until I have so many lights I am not sure what to do with them. Christmas blow out sales make it too tempting.

Hanging up the lights may seem like the difficult part but I believe the biggest hassle comes at the very end when it is time to take everything down and put it all up again. It isn’t until you have made it through unpacking and then repacking them back up can you say that you have successfully battled the lights and won (or at least a stalemate).

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