Small Fiber Optic Christmas Tree – Easy Lighted Xmas Decor

Small Fiber Optic Christmas TreesWhile I do have a small tabletop tree, I have never purchased a small fiber optic Christmas tree. Unlike my plain wire rim foot tall tree, these little trees come with fiber optic lights which make them very decorative with very little effort. These would be perfect for anyone looking to add some quick and colorful decoration without having to waste energy on adding on lights and ornaments.

If you really enjoy having small lighted Xmas trees, these are a wonderful option because not only can you find complete fiber optic trees, but there are trees that have the real look of a Christmas tree with included fiber optic lights. A coworker of mine has one of these trees and she uses it in her oldest children’s room. This allows for easy, small decoration to be added around the house without the concern associated with breaking light bulbs or keeping it plugged into an outlet.

Christmas Tree Fiber Optic With Lights And Decorative BaseChristmas Tree Fiber Optic With Lights And Decorative BaseCheck PriceSmall Fiber Optic Christmas TreeSmall Fiber Optic Christmas TreeCheck PriceFiber Optic Xmas TreeFiber Optic Xmas TreeCheck PriceFiber Optic Christmas Tree with DecorationsFiber Optic Christmas Tree with DecorationsCheck Price

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I shopped through some of the best rated pre lit Christmas trees to find the fiber optic ones that seem to be the most appealing. What I learned is that there is really huge a variety of these types of trees so I picked out a couple that could meet a number of different decorating preferences. Ranging from full fiber optic Xmas trees to small artificial trees with fiber optic lighting added to the branches, I think I found the best of the best.

The first one that is shown is the Christmas Tree Fiber Optic with Lights and Decorative Base. It has lights on the end of the branches and also has a snowman base! I love this tree so much it has been featured in another post of mine on tabletop trees. It has the look of a real tree without any of the decorating hassle. Along the same lines is the pre-lit holiday tree that is also decorated with lights, pinecones, and hanging ornaments. This is a great option if you are looking for a bigger tree sitting at about 2.5 feet as opposed to the 6-13 inches of the other trees highlighted above.

The small fiber optic Xmas tree showcased second is fully fiber optic with no hint of a real pine except the shape. This is a neat little option because it is only about five inches tall and lights up in seven different colors including red, green, and blue. This can really add some variety to your holiday decor at the office, on mantles, or other places in your home.

The holiday tinsel Christmas tree with fiber optic ends is definitely a little different. The lights on the ends continuously change color to keep up a festive light display. These trees also come in different colored tinsel including blue, green, red, gold, and silver. I would grab a few of these in different colors to put throughout the house to help bring a little bit of Christmas tree to each room. The tinsel would reflect candle light and multi-colored lights beautifully.

The size of most of these small trees makes them perfect for gifts to others as well. Especially if you have coworkers that would like a little something to spice up their desks or a friend/family member that lives with other people and may not have free reign of decorating the full house. Also perfect for dorm rooms! Most run on batteries so they could be used year after year as long as you keep some batteries handy.

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