Reducing Christmas Stress 4 – Enjoy the Fruits of your Efforts

The holidays are that period of time whenever wants everything to go just right. We plan and plan and plan and no matter what – let’s be honest – something always manages to go wrong in some way, shape, or form.

It’s so easy to want that gorgeous, spectacular Christmas because we chase perfection. It’s human to want to put your best foot forward. But believe it or not; it’s not always rewarding and it doesn’t always give you a sense of fulfillment.

What is the point in everything being perfected if you pull all your hair out in the process and end up completely frazzled? Have you ever put in a whole bunch of effort just to be relieved when it was finally over instead of being able to fully enjoy everything that you just created?

Keep the Meaning in Your Heart

Sometimes, we can get so caught up in all the planning and all of the activities that we forget the entire meaning of Christmas. The season is not about getting the perfect gift or wrapping it to look like a work of art. It’s not about having a meal so delicious it’ll go down in family history.

Christmas is a time for each of us to understand the special days we have with the people who mean the most to us. It’s a celebration of what this is life is all about. No, not just the gifts (I know someone reading this was thinking that). For some it is family, Christ, friends, or simply a time for quiet contemplation on what life has given us.

The holiday season is a time to make the most of these special days especially since so many forget to do it in our day to day lives with everything else going on. Everyone is so busy working during the year, and this is a time we can step back and reconnect with friends and loved ones. We get to relax and laugh and reminisce. We get to celebrate life together and hand down traditions from one generation to the next.

The meaning of Christmas is the way we give to one another, the way we take the time to appreciate all that we have in life and focus on the good in one another. Christmas is about reaching out to our circle and beyond.

It’s about slowing down, taking a deep breath and holding fast to each and every special moment that comes our way. It’s about letting the good within us spill over into the lives of others.

Celebrate this Christmas season by slowing down and taking time to enjoy it. Planning ahead is going to ease you into the holidays so that they’re stress-free and more enjoyable than ever before!

Do you plan every year for your celebrations or just kind of go with the flow? In the end, all that matters is that it makes you and your loved ones happy as you enjoy festivities together.
Happy Holidays!

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