Reducing Christmas Stress 2 – Spread out Decorating

It is not uncommon for people to start putting up the Christmas tree and indoor and outdoor decorations either right before or right after Thanksgiving. Honestly, I think some people go as early as Halloween but don’t you think that gives mixed signals? The best way to decorate every year is to do it a piece at a time, a room at a time, and a yard display at a time.

Try not to start in the areas that will need the most decorating because this can take up all your time early and cause you to focus on a single room before you even realize it is almost Christmas and you still have to hit the other rooms. Instead I would recommend doing it all in stages starting with the thirty day plan.

The Thirty Day Decorating Plan

Now of course this is the assumption that you go all out. If you only decorate to a limited extent or you already have your process down pat then by all means do what works! And please feel free to share it below so others can get some ideas.

Thirty days before the actual holiday, change all linens, quilts and decorative pillows. That way, you get to enjoy the holiday flair. It’s often the expectation of the holiday that gives us the greatest sense of excitement and anticipation.

Change the little decorations, the flowers, the floor rugs, etc. Replace any everyday candles with holiday colored and holiday scented ones. Within a day or two, decorate the bathrooms.


Hang holiday towels and rugs, change over any nightlights and hang holiday themed shower curtains. Remove and store any regular counter and wall decorations so that they can be replaced with your holiday ones. Replace bath rugs with holiday ones.

Once the bathrooms are done, take a break and then start on the kitchen. You might start the same day if you are feeling really dedicated or maybe take a day or two off. I only put out holiday paper towel holders because I find them adorable and easy to have out in the kitchen and dining room.

Though there are plenty of other options including holiday cookie containers, oven mitts, hand towel sets and curtains. This would also be the time to make sure the holiday place settings are ready – including dishes, tablecloths, runners and place mats.

Dining Room/Living Room

The next day in the dining room, make room for your holiday decorations. Take off any everyday chair pads and backs and replace them with the ones you have in holiday reds or greens. Cover the table with the holiday runner or tablecloth.

Take a day off and then do the living room. Set up the tree, hang the decorations and wrap the base with the skirt or decorative cloth you use. Hang the stockings on the fireplace.

The next day, set out any ornamental villages. Put the decorative pillows on the sofa. Change over the ordinary lamp shades for a red, green or gold one. Set the Christmas decorations on end tables. Some people display a bowl of pine cones or a bit of greenery such as silk holly leaves and berries. Never use real berries where small children or pets can reach them.


When you’re ready to get started on the outside, do the roof lights and decorations first. That’s usually the biggest job and this way, you’ll get it out of the way first. The next day, string any bushes or trees with your choice of Christmas lights. If you use more than one yard display, work on one or two displays a day until you get them all set up.

Lastly, hang a wreath on or by the door and you’re all done! Since it’s not Christmas yet, this should leave you plenty of time to relax and just enjoy the season and the decorations you’ve created to instill a sense of seasonal warmth to your home.

How much do you normally decorate for the holidays? Do you like to go all out or just enough to bring some warmth into the house?

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