Is There Really a Correct Way to Hang Tinsel?

Right Way to Hang TinselWhen it comes to decorating a tree is there really a right way to hang tinsel on the branches? Everyone at some point or another has seen a Christmas tree with tinsel (also known as lametta) sparkling along it. When I was a kid we always called them icicles but apparently that is not the actual term for them. Well you could have fooled me.

To me there are two ways of hanging tinsel: Mom’s way and Dad’s way.

Mom’s Way:

Hanging icicles on the tree was my favorite part of decorating the Christmas tree every year. You always have to be really careful with hooks and the ornaments plus my father was the only one who ever wrapped the lights around the tree. But when it comes to tinsel, that stuff could be thrown on in giant clumps all over the tree…At least that is what my mother told my brother and I!

So as soon as the lights were up on that tree, the packages of the silvery threads came out. The three of us would grab chunks of it and just throw it over the branches. Granted the strands would show up on the floor, the branches, and us, but at least the tree was beautiful and shiny.

So the rules for this method:
• Grab a handful of tinsel. No need to think about how many you grabbed.
• Split it into two handfuls and throw it on the tree.
• Make sure to get the top, middle, bottom and the back.
• Enjoy!

Dad’s Way:

Every year the same argument would break out. My father hated clumps of tinsel. He would normally stop us half way through our icicle party and make us start separating strands. Apparently, he believed trees looked best one icicle at a time laid perfectly over individual branches.

Here is one of the tinsel directional videos that definitely follow my dad’s method of making a tree elegant. It also has some ideas for using garland. I have never used garland but maybe that could be something I look into this year!

My method now is really a combination of the two. I try to start out being all pretty and slick with individual strands of tinsel and then I slowly start grabbing more and more. I think the decorations are beautiful either way and it is definitely a personal preference. Trees are works of art and in this case, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If I had to guess I imagine my mom’s method was really just tailored more to us kids but don’t diss it if it works!

How do you think tinsel should be put on the tree? Can it make or break your Christmas tree decor?

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