How Early is too Early to Decorate for Christmas?

When should you decorate for ChristmasEvery year it seems like Christmas comes sooner and sooner. And it definitely is not just Christmas that does this; I know I saw Halloween decorations up as early as August. I notice that many people fall into two big categories which is before Thanksgiving and after Thanksgiving. So this brings about a very popular topic of debate and that is how early is too early to begin decorating for this holiday season.

Personally, I think anything before Thanksgiving is definitely overkill. That would mean that your tree and your Christmas decorations would be up for a full month before the holiday and I feel like during that period of time you would eventually get sick of looking at all the decorations and just be ready for Christmas to be over. I think that hanging everything up is a way to help get into the mood and increase your anticipation for December 25th or December 24th depending on your family traditions.

Not to mention that if you buy your Christmas tree that early, don’t they normally start to die and turn brown by then (no matter how hard you try to keep water there)? Granted this is irrelevant if you are a fan of artificial Christmas trees, then you could keep that tree up all year with it looking happy and bright; though, that is probably overkill. Historically, Christmas trees were not set up and decorated until Christmas Eve or the eve of the Eve. I know some people start decorating their yards and houses but wait to buy their trees until closer to Christmas.

If you do decorate before Thanksgiving, more power to you, it at least gives me something pretty to look at when I am going down the street. For everyone that decorates after that huge meal, the question then becomes: early December or essentially Christmas? Here is a short video from a previous year on transitioning easily between Thanksgiving and Christmas for those who decorate for both.

Ultimately, I think it comes down to preference and following practices that your family has followed. As mentioned above, people used to set up their trees at Christmas time, but I have never met anyone that actually does this. I have met those that set up their trees and decorations closer to the second week of December which happens to often match up with Gaudete Sunday which is the third Sunday of Advent. Using an advent calendar can be a good way to build up anticipation until a week or two before the 25th for the decoration to begin!

As long as it is actually December I don’t think it is too early. If you started right away, that still gives you 25 days if not more to enjoy all your festive ornaments and decorations. That depends on when you pull down your decorations which is a completely different conversation. October is Halloween, November is Thanksgiving, December is Christmas (and similar holidays)…seems pretty easy to follow to me.

When do you normally hang that first light? Or purchase/set up your Christmas tree?

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