Flameless Candles with Timers

Christmas Flameless Candles with TimersI recently saw some beautiful flameless candles with timers sitting on the entry way of a small church. This lead me to come online and look for a few to see what options were available to people. My mother loved candles and there were always part of the gifts we gave to her on her birthday and for Christmas. Problem with candles is that they can quickly become a fire danger if left unattended or if they are accidentally knocked over.

The use of flameless candles guarantees that you can safely add some candlelight glow to your home without the added fire risk and without the worry associated with having to watch children and pets around the open flames. While looking at candles, I searched for ones with timers so that you could control when the candles lit up and went off during the day. There were also a variety of flameless led candles without a timer which are worth a look if you do not mind turning them on and off yourself.

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While I do not have any of these around my apartment, I think Christmas flameless candles with timers would be a great choice for someone like me who owns multiple cats. If it’s standing on something, they will always try to knock it down. And at least this way if it falls I know the cats won’t burn themselves or burn my apartment down.

This has also been baby season at work and I know that at least a few of my new mother coworkers would like to have beautiful candle to add to their decor that wouldn’t endanger her infant. You keep buy a pack of candles and keep them around to hand out as individual gifts or to bring out during special occasions throughout the year.

There is no reason they would only need to be used in December. And of course, if the power goes out, they could be used as a quick source of light in case you don’t want to lug that flash light around all the time. Not to mention, you wouldn’t have to hunt down matches for your battery operated flameless candles.

My favorite candle choice for Christmas is by far the angel flameless candles with a timer because it matches the season so well. I also find it extremely beautiful with the angel figurine being illuminated from the inside, out. The tapers aren’t too far behind because they remind me of the old stories like Christmas Carol and look like what people would have in their windows and on the tables.

I found the remote controlled color changing flameless candles to be an interesting option. The set of candles can become one of twelve colors making it easy to match your current holiday, event, or get together. It also makes it really easy to fit the candles in with your decor without having to purchase new colored candles each time.

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