An Upside Down Christmas Tree – WHAT?!

Upside Down Christmas Tree - WHAT?!Originally the upside down Christmas tree goes back a few centuries when Europeans would hang them from their ceilings upside to represent the trinity. Now of course trees are hung with the tip pointing upwards, supposedly because it points towards heaven but personally it just seems to make much more sense to keep a tree upright. That’s how they are found in nature. I mean, I honestly have never seen an upside down tree.

This is the first year I have even heard of people using them for anything. I guess I just don’t get out enough. It seems they originally caught on because stores found that people could get closer to ornaments and would therefore be more likely to buy. Not to mention that if the tree was upside down then you could store a lot more stuff underneath it. Looks like they have really caught on though and more than one person have bought them to use as part of their winter holiday decorations.

So what are the pros of having an upside down Christmas tree; well as the stores noticed, you could easily fit more gifts and larger presents underneath the trees. You could also hang the ornaments so that it is harder for smaller children and animals to get into your ornaments and possibly cause some damage. It seems they also take up less space but I think that has more to do with the floor space and falls right back into being able to simply fit more stuff around the bottom of the tree.

My next question was how exactly do you set up an upside down Christmas tree? In my head I just imagine hanging an ornament the wrong way and the whole thing toppling over which would really just kill my holiday cheer. Could you imagine the headache that would cause? Apparently there are two options if you are looking for a tree like this: a hanging tree and “standing” tree. The hanging trees are exactly how they sound and come with a hook so you can literally hang them from your ceiling. The other option is an upside down tree that has a special stand for the tip of the tree that allows it to balance upside down.

Here is a quick video of one on a stand that has been beautifully decorated:

While they sound like a novel idea, and I am sure they can definitely make your home a little more interesting this holiday season, I just can’t quite into the spirit of it. I think just having all that bulk at the top looks funny but my mind might be changed if I ever saw an amazing one in person. Have you had any experiences with an upside down Christmas tree or would you ever consider buying one?

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