A White Christmas – My One and Only Experience

South Texas Snow Storm 2004I have lived in South Texas since I was four years old. There are certain things you come to expect when living in a place like this and the main one is that it is hot. I never grew up with seasons (at least not the traditional four that you learn about in school.) Typical seasons for me involve about eleven months of summer and one month of winter. Not to mention I had never seen snow in person before, but that was to all change in 2004.

A friend of mine for Christmas said he wanted one of two things, a new car or a white Christmas. At the time we thought that was hilarious because we were sure he was not going to get either. Turns out he would end up getting both (lucky dog). I don’t remember it being a colder winter than normal but apparently something was a little different in the air. On the night of December 24 hail began dropping from the sky. Hail is something I have seen before but no one enjoys playing in giant chunks of ice.

Then the hail became different. Snowflakes were coming down with the ice. It looked like it was time to drive home at that point and that’s when we learned that driving in anything resembling snow is a death trap in south Texas. No one is used to driving on ice and there were so many car accidents that night it was already a good enough reason for it not to snow anymore. We passed at least three accidents involving other cars on the way home.

After sitting inside for a while we went back out and nothing was falling from the sky anymore. There was just a

Cat in Corpus Christi Snow Storm

Image by Cobra Libre via Flickr

blanket of real snow sitting on the ground and the first thing I wanted to do was get out and play in it. It was amazing for the first ten minutes. Then the harsh reality of snow settled in and I learned a few things about it.
The biggest point is that as far as I am concerned snow is much better in theory i.e. pictures, movies, and postcards than it is in real life. It is cold, wet, slippery, and still eventually makes everything muddy. No snow clothes means it is a real bummer to go out in it and well I am not going to go buy winter clothes for something that has only happened in the last 100 years. It was the most snow in the area in recorded weather history.

While it was really neat that we got to wake up Christmas morning to a beautiful snowy scene that could have come out of any of the best holiday movies, I was happy when to see the sun come out and slowly start melting all the ice away. Pretty sure the experience just cemented the fact that I will never live anywhere that actually has real winters. Just the idea of everything that has to be done every day to efficiently function with inches upon inches of snow is enough to keep me in place.

What’s your favorite part of snow? Your least favorite?

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